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Gdh - Senior Cyber Security Risk Analyst - Gdhius91258
This is an in-person opportunity.
Tulsa, Oklahoma
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[GDH has partnered with an enterprise organization who is actively looking for a ]{times="" new="" roman",="" serif;"=""}
[Sr. Cyber Security Risk Analyst. In this role you will]{times="" new="" roman",="" serif;"=""}
[ provide advice and expertise to IT staff and other departments related to information security issues. The Senior Analyst monitors the threat landscape, prepares risk and vulnerability assessments, creates risk process documentation, and otherwise contributes to the development and maintenance of a sound cyber security program. The Sr. Cyber Security Risk Analyst will evaluate internal security controls against industry standard best practices, establish control frameworks, and internal audit requirements. This position is responsible for leading process improvement activities, participating in information security assessment projects and participating in security awareness communication and training activities. The Senior Analyst will participate in companywide projects to ensure that IT risks are known to the business and are remediated, transferred, or accepted.]{times="" new="" roman",="" serif;"=""}
[Responsibilities:]{times="" new="" roman",serif"=""}
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[Conducts internal IT risk assessments on an annual basis, conducts or causes to be conducted an IT risk assessment. ]{times="" new="" roman",serif"=""}
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[Work with the Director of Cyber Security to develop a schedule of internal risk reviews]{times="" new="" roman",serif"=""}
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[Coordinate reviews with Internal Audit as required to minimize impact of assessments to business units]{times="" new="" roman",serif"=""}
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[Interfaces with end users as well as all levels of management, technical and business sources to complete assessments]{times="" new="" roman",serif"=""}
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